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Treatment for Tooth Fractures to Preserve Your Natural Teeth

By Dr. Rohinton J. Patel on December 13, 2016

Restored ToothA tooth fracture can cause severe pain and can lead to an infection. Seeking treatment as soon as possible can limit your risk of developing an infection and can ultimately save your tooth. Dr. Rohinton Patel offers restorative dentistry services and provides patients with an appropriate treatment for tooth fractures at our Honolulu, HI office.

Types of Tooth Fractures

The type of treatment Dr. Patel uses is dependent upon the type of tooth fracture. The most common types of tooth fractures include:

  • A fractured cusp, which typically occurs around a filling
  • A cracked tooth, with the fracture extending vertically from the crown toward the tooth root
  • A split tooth is a cracked tooth with separate segments
  • A vertical root fracture is a fracture beginning at the root and extending toward the chewing surface of the tooth

Treatment for Tooth Fractures

While the goal of treatment is to save as much of the natural tooth as possible, sometimes extraction is necessary. Dr. Patel will take the necessary steps to save the tooth. If extraction is unavoidable, he can provide several restorative options to restore your oral health, function, and appearance.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments for fractured teeth. After removing any portion of the tooth that he cannot save, Dr. Patel can then reshape the tooth and place a custom crown. This custom crown will help reinforce the tooth and protect it from further damage. In some cases, damage to a cracked tooth can continue, even after a crown is in place. Regular dental exams are crucial so that Dr. Patel can monitor the health of the tooth.

Dental Fillings

For less serious cracks and fractured cusps, Dr. Patel may replace the existing dental filling. These types of fractures typically occur around old silver amalgam fillings. These fillings are sometimes too large for the tooth. The metal also responds to hot and cold, which can cause damage to the tooth. Replacing the filling with a tooth-colored filling can restore strength to the tooth and prevent future damage.

Root Canal Therapy

A vertical root fracture or a fracture extending to the pulp of the tooth may require root canal therapy. This procedure can eliminate any infection and repair the cracked tooth with a dental crown.


Tooth extraction is a last resort. Often, if the crack reaches beneath the gum line, extraction is necessary. Extracting the tooth can eliminate infection and prevent it from spreading, which can save your surrounding teeth. After extracting your tooth, Dr. Patel can discuss restorative options with you. Depending on your health and budget, he can replace the missing tooth with a dental implant and crown, or he can place a dental bridge to close the gap.

Seek Immediate Treatment for Tooth Fractures

If you have a cracked or fractured tooth, it is important to seek immediate treatment. The sooner you seek treatment, the more of your tooth Dr. Patel can save. Contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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