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Wisdom Tooth Removal Protects Your Smile

Most people have third molars at the four back corners of their mouths. Wisdom teeth typically erupt during patients’ late teens and early twenties. If these teeth come in properly and are healthy, they can remain in place, but wisdom teeth can sometimes cause uncomfortable symptoms or interfere with your oral health. Dr. Rohinton J. Patel and our team provide wisdom tooth removal at our Honolulu, HI office to help patients whose third molars could cause complications. We offer local anesthesia and sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable and calm during the extraction process. Please contact our office today to learn more about wisdom tooth removal or schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel.  

3D graphic of a wisdom tooth molar.
Wisdom teeth can become problematic for many patients if they are not extracted.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

For some patients, wisdom teeth erupt with enough space and remain healthy, so they require no treatment. However, if your jaw is not large enough to accommodate your wisdom teeth, they may become impacted, which means they grow in at an abnormal angle or never fully erupt. In addition to causing discomfort as they attempt to come in, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to:

If your x-rays, symptoms, and visual assessment reveal that one or more of your wisdom teeth are impacted, Dr. Patel will most likely recommend removal. 

Preventive Removal

Even if your wisdom teeth are healthy, not impacted, or have not yet erupted, you may choose to extract them. Since they are more difficult to brush, floss, and examine, wisdom teeth can be more vulnerable to gum disease, decay, and other complications, so many people choose to remove them and preempt any potential dental issues. For example, high school and college students often choose to remove their wisdom teeth during their vacation time so that they can heal quickly and avoid future problems. This procedure tends to be easier for younger patients and preventive extraction means they will not have to worry about or care for their third molars. Dr. Patel can discuss your needs and preferences with you or your child to determine if preventive removal may be a good option.

The Process

On the day of your wisdom tooth removal, Dr. Patel may provide nitrous oxide, oral conscious, or intravenous (IV) sedation to keep you relaxed. Next, he will administer local anesthesia using our computer-controlled wand instrument to keep your teeth and gums comfortable. He will then create an incision in your gums and gently remove the third molars. Dr. Patel may break the teeth into smaller pieces if necessary. He will extract the entirety of the tooth structure, sterilize the area, suture your gums, and cover them with gauze to help healthy blood clots form where the teeth were.

If you choose to undergo oral or IV sedation for your wisdom tooth removal, you will need a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure. You should rest for the remainder of the day and take any painkillers, antibiotics, or other medications Dr. Patel prescribes. You should be able to return to most activities the day after wisdom tooth removal, although you will need to avoid drinking through a straw and eating certain foods. Your cheeks will most likely swell, but this inflammation should diminish within a few days. Dr. Patel may see you for a follow-up appointment about a week after your procedure to monitor your healing and remove your stitches. We will give you more specific oral hygiene and recovery instructions during your initial consultation.

Learn More by Scheduling a Consultation

Removing your wisdom teeth can alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and prevent oral health complications. Contact our office today if you would like to learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel.

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