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At Hawaii Pacific Dental Group, Dr. Rohinton Patel and his team place dental crowns and bridges to repair and protect damaged or missing teeth. By scanning the tooth structure with a digital camera, we can accurately plan the placement of your crown. In many cases, crowns can be placed in a single visit.

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Here at Hawaii Pacific Dental Group, we offer single-unit crowns and dental bridges, oftentimes in single visits. A crown is basically a synthetic shell of enamel that replaces a patient's defective shell of enamel. It's made in all porcelain and it's bonded to the patient's natural tooth structure. The process entails scanning via digital camera a patient's tooth after it's been prepared and cementing or bonding the crown to the patient's natural tooth structure. The advantage of having this procedure done in a single visit is that we greatly minimize the chance of post-operative sensitivity. So a crown is necessary, oftentimes, if a tooth is either fractured or has a large filling that is failing on the patient. A dental bridge, in comparison to a crown, is basically a restoration that replaces either one or several missing teeth. And it's anchored to neighboring teeth that are strong and functional. Some of the advancements in our technologies today utilized at Hawaii Pacific Dental allow us to create crowns in a single visit with a highly aesthetic outcome as well as absolute textbook anatomy. Most patients are very pleased with the outcome of having their crown done in a single visit.

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