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Dr. Rohinton Patel and his team at Hawaii Pacific Dental Group exclusively use metal- and mercury-free tooth-colored dental fillings. They not only look more natural than metal options, but also allow us to use more minimally invasive methods. Patients can receive their fillings in a single, comfortable visit.

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At Hawaii Pacific Dental Group, we exclusively use metal-free, mercury-free fillings for replacing or rehabilitating cavities in patients' teeth. The advantages of metal-free composite fillings are that we can stay extremely conservative in drilling the most minimal portion of the tooth needed to rehabilitate and repair the defect in the patient's tooth. Dental fillings can be done by air abrasion, by a laser treatment, or minimally invasive drilling. Dental fillings at Hawaii Pacific Dental Group take oftentimes as little as one visit under very comfortable conditions and local anesthetic. Some of the advantages of mercury-free tooth-colored fillings are that, one, your tooth looks more natural and you lose the chance of having the dark gray shadows showing through the enamel of your tooth. The longevity of tooth colored fillings is now at or surpassing the level of the older fashioned mercury amalgam fillings. Additionally, our tooth-colored filling materials that we elect to use at Hawaii Pacific Dental Group are BPA-free. Additionally, without the use of mercury products, we feel like we're giving the public a great level of service and protection.

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