Nari's Story

A Pediatric Dentist Dedicated to Comfort


Dr. Rohinton Patel's provides comprehensive dental services, including special treatments for kids. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Rohinton Patel takes particular care to ensure a comfortable experience for kids. Dr. Patel's son, Nari, explains how the team at Hawaii Pacific Dental go the extra mile to keep his appointments relaxed and non-stressful.

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My name is Nari and I come here to just to get my teeth cleaned and sometimes I spend time with my dad. The ladies here at my dad's office do a very good job cleaning my teeth. I had a little bit of cavities before. I was very nervous. They made me feel comfortable and they took good care of it. Now it feels okay. If any kids are nervous about coming to the dentist, I'll say just flow with it because my dad's the best. Come see my dad at Hawaii Pacific Dental Group.